ABC Fridays 9.15 - 11.30am (details from Alex Davies)
Drop in for little ones and their carers... as well as Mums, we have some Dads and Grannies, so don't be shy! Toast and crumpets 9.15 - 9.45am, fruit snack and tea/coffee mid morning, lots of play activities and friendly chat.

Trailblazers Fridays 3.45 - 5.30pm during term (details from Alex Davies)
Kids! If you are Yr 2-6 you are the right age to come to Trailblazers, where we have food, Bible stories, arts and crafts, songs and games, and lots of fun. Bring your friends!

PFZ Saturdays 7 - 9pm during term (details from Alex Davies)
Don't know what to do on Saturday nights? Then come to PFZ - youth group for Yr 7s and over. Chillout time with playstation, air hockey, arts and crafts, dance mats, games and foody activities or trips out.

Community Lunch
All are welcome to lunch on the first Wednesday of the month from 11.30am. The first lunch is free and thereafter the cost is £2.50 for two courses.